Using Calendars on Outlook
Below are some of the most frequently asked questions by faculty and staff when using the calendar in Webmail accounts:
Q1. What features are available with Webmail calendaring? click
  • Webmail offers a complete calendaring solution that is more than adequate for use by all staff and faculty. The calendar is accessible through the web interface(OWA), Outlook and on your mobile devices. You can create appointments, meetings, and most importantly, if you provide permissions, share your calendar with others.
  • See details for this topic in the Outlook Web App (OWA) Tutorial section >>
Q. How do I create an appointment? click
  • At the top right of the window select ‘Calendar’.This tab will bring you to the calendar interface. Right-click on the day you wish to create an appointment and select ‘new’ or select ‘new event’ at the top right of the window.Calendar
    Once you have filled in the appropriate information, click save. You can also select a room or use the Scheduling Assistant to expedite a meeting involving several members. You must have permission from your department to use the provided rooms list, however, you can manually enter in the Location.

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Q. How do I share my calendar? click
  • On the left pane, right-click on the calendar you wish to share and select ‘share calendar’:

When creating an email through the OWA, click on the ‘+’ or ‘To:’Calendar
You will then be able to find a contact with whom to share your calendar.

Calendarup click

Q. How do I set permissions for users that share my calendar click
  • Webmail (OWA) allows you to assign the permission levels from the initial sharing action:

In Calendar view use the same menu you used for ‘Share’ and select ‘Permissions’Calendar

Find the user you shared the calendar with and from the drop menu set ‘Permissions’ for that user


From the ‘Permissions’ view you can select a user and change permissions

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