Contents FAQs

Below is a list of the different areas that are addressed in the FAQ section.To start we suggest that you go over the general FAQs first if you are not familiar with the email clients.
General FAQ
    • What is the difference between Microsoft Outlook Web App (OWA), Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Exchange?
    • What mail clients are supported?
    • What is my mailbox size?
    • What is Auto-Archiving?
    • What are the password complexity rules for Exchange?
    • Can I forward to my personal email account?
    • How do I get training and support for Exchange?
General Migration Information

    • Why is the college migrating to Exchange for email and calendar services?
    • Who is being migrated?
    • What mail clients will be supported with Exchange?
    • Can I use my mobile device with exchange?
    • Would there be a quota in the Exchange environment?
    • Can I forward my email to my personal account?
    • How do I get support and training for Exchange?

Migration Process

    • When will I be migrated to Exchange?
    • What should I do to prepare for the migration?
    • What should I expect the day of the migration?
    • Will I lose my emails?
      How about my contacts and other settings?
    • How long will an account migration take?
    • Do I have to sit through the entire migration?
    • What happens to my mail if I’m over quota when the migration occurs?
    • My account has been migrated, now what?
    • What mail clients are supported?
    • What is my username and password?
    • How do I access email from the web?
    • How much space will be provided to Faculty and Staff?
    • What are the differences between Outlook Web App (OWA) and Outlook?
    • What is the Global Address List (GAL)?
    • What is a Distribution List?
    • What if I’m not in the Global Address List?
    • What features are available with Exchange calendaring?
Mobile Devices
    • What mobile devices are supported?
    • Can I view my calendar, contacts, and tasks from my mobile device?
    • Can I search the Global Address List?
Self Help & Tutorials
    • Outlook Web App (OWA) Tutorial
    • Outlook 2013 Tutorial
    • Mobile Devices Tutorial