Webmail (OWA) Tutorial

Webmail: Outlook Web App (OWA) Tutorial
All faculty and staff emails will be migrated over to a new platform – Microsoft® Exchange and will have access to the Outlook Web App (OWA). This online interface is browser based and allows you to access your email online. Use the web interface below or download the Webmail (OWA) Tutorial PDF file.
Q. How do I send an email? click
    • Once logged into Webmail, click on ‘new mail’ at the top left of the window to begin creating a new email.

Email Set Up

Q. How do I create rules to manage my email? click
    • Through Webmail:Select an email for which you would like to create a rule and right-click on it. Select ‘create rule…’..

Create Rule

A new window will pop-up that will guide you through the rule creation process. You may also click on ‘More Options…’ for advance settings.

Email Options

Q. How do I forward email to my personal account? click
  • To forward, you must first create a contact you would like to forward to. Then you can create a rule to forward your emails. Please review this information BEFORE forwarding your email. >>Find Information:

1. Log into Webmail, select “People” at the top right of the page.Forward

2. Select “new” on the top left of the page then select “create contact” when the “what would you like to do?” pop-up comes up.


3. Create a new contact with the email you would like to forward to and select save.


4. Now to forward to that contact, select the gear at the top right of the window and select “Options”.


5. On the left, select “organize email” then click on the “+” select “Create a new rule for arriving message”.


6. A new window will pop-up. Select the appropriate options as shown.


7. When you select, “Redirect the message to…”, a new window will pop-up. Click on the “+” next to the contact you would like to forward to and click “OK”.


8. Once you are finished, select “save” and forwarding will be enabled. To test this, send yourself as email, preferably from a different email address or wait until you receive a broadcast.


Q. How do I archive my emails manually? click
  • On the left pane, see ‘In-Place Archive’ for the location of archived emails.

The folder structure will be copied over making it easy to find your emails.Archive
To manually archive your emails:
Select and right-click on an email, hover over ‘move’ then select ‘more…’

Choose the appropriate folder under ‘In-Place Archive’ and select ‘move’



All faculty and staff emails onthe Outlook Web App (OWA) will have access to the ‘Calendar’ feature.
Q. How do I create an appointment? click
  • At the top right of the window select ‘Calendar’.This tab will bring you to the calendar interface. Right-click on the day you wish to create an appointment and select ‘new’ or select ‘new event’ at the top right of the window.CalendarOnce you have filled in the appropriate information, click save. You can also select a room or use the Scheduling Assistant to expedite a meeting involving several members. You must have permission from your department to use the provided rooms list, however, you can manually enter in the Location.Calendar

up click

Q. How do I share my calendar? click
  • On the left pane, right-click on the calendar you wish to share and select ‘share calendar’:

When creating an email through the OWA, click on the ‘+’ or ‘To:’CalendarYou will then be able to find a contact with whom to share your calendar.Calendarup click

Q. How do I set permissions for users that share my calendar click
  • Webmail (OWA) allows you to assign the permission levels from the initial sharing action:

In Calendar view use the same menu you used for ‘Share’ and select ‘Permissions’Calendar

Find the user you shared the calendar with and from the drop menu set ‘Permissions’ for that user


From the ‘Permissions’ view you can select a user and change permissions

Calendarup click

Contacts and Addresses
Below are some tips for faculty and staff about how to use the ‘Contacts’ feature in Webmail:
Q. How to search the Global Address List? click
  • The Global Address List can be searched through the web interface (OWA). Visit https://webmail.ccny.cuny.edu/ and when creating a new email, click on the plus sign on the right to search for contacts.
    Important: Please note that distribution lists require permission to use. Contact the IT Service Desk at x7878 to make a request.When creating an email through the OWA, click on the ‘+’ or ‘To:’ContactsFrom here you can search for a contact or click on the double arrows on the left to see the entire directoryGlobal Contacts

up click

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