City Central

City Central is a CCNY Student Portal that will provide access to your individual course schedule and transcript. City Central serves as a valuable information resource that you can access using your CCNY email credentials. You can log in to City Central from the CCNY website, as well as the following link:

You can access your CCNY class schedule and unofficial transcript from CUNYfirst data. Since this portal is a resource for the CCNY Community you will see the latest CCNY Tweets, Events and System Status info. In addition, you will find the new CUNYfirst MyInfo Link. City Central displays timestamped views of your records that you can access using the portal. Once you login you have access to the following information:

  • Class Schedule
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Program Plan
  • Holds
  • Transfer Credits
  • Biographical Profile
  • Emergency Contact
  • Academic Calendar which links to the University’s Academic Calendar

You can also access City Central when CUNYfirst is down. Make City Central your “go-to” hub.

Schedule Calendar Unofficial Transcript


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