User Access Process

User Access Process

In order to modify security roles (for access to functions you do not have or that you want to remove from your account) Faculty and Staff must review and complete a Campus Solutions User Access Request Form and submit it through the appropriate approval process in order to be granted access to Campus Solution.

Note: All faculty and staff have been assigned initial security roles, however, they may need to be modified to include (or remove) functions that are needed in the course of performing their usual duties.

We recommend that you DOWNLOAD the appropriate form and Campus Solutions User Request Instructions to your desktop to work on. After downloading the file you can enter, edit, and save your form information for your files.

The following checklist has been provided to guide faculty and staff and their managers (e.g. Directors, Deans, and Chairs) through the user access process:

1. Fill Appropriate Form Campus Solutions User Access Request Form

Employees and their managers must review and select the roles necessary for their daily job.  Fill the form available at Campus Solutions User Access Request Form

Managers/Supervisors may revise these roles by adding and/or removing when necessary. 

2. Manager (Dean, Chair, Director) Approval/Signature

The employee’s manager must ensure that all required fields are completed and necessary signatures are on the printed paper form.

3. Business Owner (Registrar) Approval/Signature

Once the employee and manager have signed off on the security request form they must submit the printed paper form to the Office of Registrar for review. The Registrar will approve or deny any Student Records request and determine if other business owner approvals are needed, e.g., Admissions, Bursar, or Financial Aid.

For questions regarding this process, please send email to This email should include manager’s contact information including: manager’s full name, office/department, extension, and job title.

4. Submission to CCNY Service Desk

Once the business owners have signed the form the user or supervisor must submit the completed form to the CCNY Service Desk. The Service Desk will in turn upload the form into the Customer Relations Management (CRM) ticketing system which is used to report CUNYfirst issues and manage and control workflow. Within five business days, CCNY’s Application Security Liaisons (ASLs) will apply the requested roles and data access privileges.