Managing Surface

Best Practices and Resources


Protect your investment

Cleaning and caring for your Surface is made easy with these simple tips. Additionally, our Customer Support YouTube channel is full of great videos on how to best take care of and support Surface.


Useful tools and information

Surface IT Center
Windows Autopilot

*Intune management of Surface UEFI settings

*Surface Enterprise Management Mode (SEMM)

*Download firmware for Surface devices

*Tools for driving Adoption

*Troubleshoot Surface Pen


Troubleshoot Surface

1.     Update Surface drivers and firmware

2.     Run Surface Diagnostic Toolkit for Business to check for common issues and fixes

3.     Refresh Windows 10, check if issue persists on default version of OS

4.     Run Surface Deployment Accelerator to troubleshoot image compatibility issues and create a Surface Recovery image

5.     If issue persists, check warranty status, gather information from the support chart, and proceed with replacement

File a claim

Option 1, call Microsoft: 1-800-642-7676

Option 2, Navigate to Support for Surface devices

When contacting Surface Support, be prepared to provide the following details:


Partner name

Serial number(s)

Customer name

BSFS Order (if applicable)

Contact name

Operating system


Warranty type


Issue statement


Troubleshooting steps taken


Logs from SDT4B

Device type

Action requested