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Training videos for IT


User support readiness (8:35)

Tools and tips on how you can enable your users to be more self-sufficient with Windows 10, including improving battery life and fixing common problems like screen scaling issues.

Managing Windows 10 updates (10:27)

Learn how to manage updates, including allowing firmware and security updates while holding off on feature updates as your organization evaluates each new release of Windows 10.

Windows Autopilot (6:11)

Autopilot can help transform how you deploy Surface and Windows 10 devices in your organization. We cover how it works as well as the experience once users receive their devices.

Surface Enterprise Management Mode (3:48)

The Surface Enterprise Management Mode (SEMM) is a powerful tool that can help secure

hardware and system functionality at the UEFI level.

Surface Tools for IT (9:46)

We review this suite of tools created for Microsoft for use in deploying, managing, and securing Surface in your organization, as well as a brief discussion of TechNet.

Surface Diagnostic Toolkit for Business (6:48)

The SDT for Business can diagnose and repair many problems with Surface and Windows 10. We walk through the creation of custom packages, setting up log files, and running scans.

Surface Data Eraser (2:33)

A part of the Surface Tools for IT package, learn what the Surface Data Eraser does to securely wipe storage on Surface. This video will also walk through how to get started with this tool.