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FAQs Students with Duplicate IDs

Having multiple accounts assigned to a single student may hinder you from accessing your CUNYfirst account, tracking and claiming financial aid awards, registering for classes, and accessing the Blackboard system. Read more about duplicate CUNYfirst records here.

Q1. What are duplicate accounts and why do they occur? click
  • A1. Any student (Undergraduate or Graduate) who is admitted to or recently attended a CUNY college has had a CUNYfirst account created. Each CUNYfirst account is populated with specific information about the student, including personal information, immunization records, transfer credits, financial accounts including financial aid,, grades, and degrees status. Students who are also faculty or staff will have the same CUNYfirst account that integrates all their account information using a single EMPLID.Unfortunately, some students have been inadvertently assigned multiple EMPLIDs, resulting in duplicate accounts with conflicting or partial information between them. This can happen when:
      • a student was admitted to multiple CUNY colleges (regardless of whether or not he or she ever enrolled or was registered for classes there ). a student has enrolled and completed classes (including high school programs like College NOW) and then re-enrolled at a later time.
      • an international student, undocumented student or a student who did not include their social security number was assigned a temporary identification number (a dummy social security number) and did not report that number on subsequent applications.
      • a student became an employee at a later date or an employee became a student at a later date and was inadvertently set up with 2 records.

    Every effort has always been made by City College and CUNY to consolidate or eliminate duplicate accounts as they have been identified. Unfortunately, duplicate records are now more complicated to resolve with an integrated system, such as CUNYfirst.

Q2. How do I know if I have duplicate CUNYfirst accounts? click
  • A2. If you are unable to login to your CUNYfirst account or you believe your account is missing academic or administrative information that it should contain, this may be an indication that you have duplicate CUNYfirst accounts.
    Please contact the CCNY IT Service Desk immediately:

    A service desk representative will assess your CUNYfirst account information to determine the nature of the problem and help you resolve it.
    If it is determined that you have duplicate accounts, a helpdesk ticket will be assigned to you triggering a process to merge the accounts.
    Please ensure that you provide the Service Desk representative with all up-to-date contact information and also write down the CUNYfirst CRM case number for future reference.

Q3. How long does it take to merge duplicate CUNYfirst accounts? click
  • A3. The process has two phases. The first should take no longer than a week, after which you will be able to claim your CUNYfirst account, enroll in classes and use BlackBoard. This phase consists of determining which of your multiple records will be the definitive one going forward. This is called the “survivor record.” An IT will contact you through the helpdesk ticketing system when this process is complete and follow up with you to make sure you are able to successfully claim your CUNYfirst account. However, you may not see your complete record until the second phase of the process is complete.
  • The second phase of the process consists in rebuilding all records on the single “survivor record.” Reconciling duplicate records often requires multiple offices between each college collaborating to generate one holistic record, including the offices of Admissions, Bursar, Financial Aid, Human Resources, Registrar, and Student Affairs. This process requires each office to manually inspect, validate and migrate data from the account(s) that will be abandoned into a single holistic record.
  • Depending on how many colleges, administrative offices, and types of records are involved, some cases are resolved within days; unfortunately there are some cases where there are so many different records involved that it can take months to successfully merge. Once your accounts have been successfully merged, an IT Service Desk representative will contact you. Please be patient.
  • In the meantime, Enrollment Management offices will work together to help you resolve any difficulties arising from having a duplicate record. It is important that you let any office you visit during this time know that you have a duplicate record issue.
Q4. What if I need to register for classes before I have been notified that I can claim my CUNYfirst account? click
  • A4. If you need to register for a class, the IT Service Desk will give you a Student Referral Form certifying that you have a duplicate CUNYfirst account. Take this form along with a completed registration form (available at http://www.ccny.cuny.edu/registrar/upload/RegistrationForm20071.pdf) signed by your academic advisor to the Registrar’s Office (Wille Administration Building, Room 102). The Registrar’s office will help you register for your classes.
Q5. What if classes start before I can claim my account and I am in a class with BlackBoard? click
  • A5. The IT Service Desk in NAC 1/301 can provide you with a letter to show your instructors. You should be able to access BlackBoard by the second week of classes at the latest.


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