Information Sheet for Faculty

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This information sheet is intended to provide a very general overview of how the College’s transition this Spring to CUNYfirst Campus Solutions will impact faculty.

CUNYfirst is a CUNY-wide system that is replacing most online services. Indeed, you can currently use CUNYfirst to access your employment personnel information. All CCNY employees already have CUNYFirst accounts that must be activated by logging on. See Activating your CUNYfirst Accounts below.

In April, City College will implement the Campus Solutions (Academic Matters/Student Records) segment of CUNYfirst, which will replace services such as SIMS, eSIMS, WebGrade, and the online CUNY Schedule of Classes.

Students will use CUNYfirst to enroll in classes, pay bills online, view their academic and financial information and more.

Faculty will use the CUNYfirst Faculty Center feature of campus solutions to carry out functions related to their own classes such as:

    • Accessing your course schedule and roster
    • Verifying attendance
    • Entering grades
    • Entering textbook information

Faculty and Staff: Claim your CUNYfirst Accounts

Faculty should claim their accounts now so that any access issues may be resolved before the switchover to CUNYfirst. Activate or “claim” your account by going to the CUNYfirst home page at Click on “first-time users” link to claim your CUNYfirst account and set up a password. As you activate the account, your CUNYfirst user name and CUNY ID # (also called your EMPLID) will be indicated. Please make note of them. Note: Students can’t claim their accounts until we are live on CUNYfirst.

If you experience any difficulties claiming your account, contact CUNYfirst helpdesk at x7878 or file a CUNYfirst Faculty Service Desk Request Form.  (A new dedicated CUNYfirst helpline, x8080, will be launched soon. Stay tuned for details.)

We ask that you never share your CUNYfirst login information – not even with people you trust. Because CUNYfirst is a “fully integrated system,” sharing your account login information will give others access to personal information, such as your social security number, wage/salary, home address, etc. Security within CUNYfirst is very strict and what each user is able to view is determined on a “need to know” basis. Sharing account information undermines this strict security and exposes users to identity theft.


(see other side for additional information)


CUNYfirst Resources and Training


You can learn how to use CUNYfirst through online resources and through CETL (the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning). Also, each department will appoint a CUNYfirst “point person” (staff or faculty member) who will be well-trained and who can provide assistance after “go live.”

Tutorials for learning basic faculty CUNYfirst functions will be available on once CUNYfirst Campus Solutions goes live in April.

CETL will offer workshops and one-to-one training starting later in March. For more information see

For faculty and department staff with advising/administrative responsibilities, please see

How can faculty help?

  • Activate your CUNYfirst account in order to ensure you actually have an account, validate your personal information, and familiarize yourself with the CUNYfirst system.
  • Read the overview and other relevant material at: This site will be updated as new information becomes available.
  • Tell your students that they will use CUNYfirst to register for the Summer and Fall semesters and that help will be available online and throughout the campus.
  • Stay tuned for more information on throughout this semester.

This is a large-scale effort that will require everyone’s participation and cooperation. We look forward to working with you to ensure a successful CUNYfirst implementation

CUNYfirst Campus Solutions Timeline for Faculty (Spring 2014)

NOTE: This timeline represents the sequence of Spring CUNYfirst events and activities; exact dates are subject to change.

NOW Faculty claim their CUNYfirst accounts
Starting in late March CUNYfirst training for all faculty to obtain course rosters, enter grades, enter textbook information, and other faculty functions
Late March 2014 SIMS will be shut down and frozen (will reopened for viewing purposes )
Early April 2014 CUNYfirst/Campus Solutions “goes live”
April 2014 Faculty to enter textbook information in CUNYfirst for Summer and Fall 2014 terms
Mid/late April 2014 Students register for Summer and Fall 2014 classes on CUNYfirst
Late May Faculty enter Spring 2014 grades using CUNYfirst Faculty Center